Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program work?

In a nutshell, all it does is copy/extract Furcadia files to the right paths on your flashdrive and creates a localdir.ini file to make it store data locally. For more information about localdir.ini and how to make use of it yourself, refer to the Using localdir.ini page.

Where should I go if I'm having troubles with this program?

Right now, either the Issue Tracker or post a new thread on the Furcadia Forums (Third Party Development). You can also contact me on Furcadia by the name Artex or use other personal contact information on my contact page. Please try the first two methods first before contacting me.

How does the program know which Furcadia characters do I have?

Same way as Furcadia: it scans the paths where Furcadia characters are likely to be stored and lets you know about them so you could install them to your flash drive as necessary. The only elements of your INI files this program actually works with, is the file header ("V3.0 character") and the "Name=" parameter. Anything else is ignored (see source code for more detail).

Does this program transmit anything to the web?

No. It doesn't even check for updates.

Does this program install anything on my computer?

No. It is meant to be a standalone executable that doesn't need to be installed anywhere or require extra files along with it.

Can I use the source code for my own applications?

Yes. Feel free to reuse, modify and redistribute the program and its code, so long as you leave credit where credit is due and use it ethically (see license for more detail - which isn't much, surprisingly). In general, I won't care if you don't wish to contaminate your documents with unnecessary copyright notices from my code, but please don't strip them from mine. If this doesn't provide a good enough answer, contact me.

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