Installing Furcadia on a flash drive


Step 1: Adjust settings

In this stage, you can set whether to install Furcadia from an "Existing Furcadia installation" (may not be available if Furcadia is not installed locally) or a "Furcadia setup program" of your choice.

If you choose a local installation, you have an option to copy additional files to the flash drive:
  • Your settings (including Pounce buddies)
  • Your log files
  • Your cache files - dreams you have downloaded in the past, to avoid doing it again (not recommended).
By default, only the settings will be copied, as other files are usually unnecessary.

If you choose to install from a furcsetup file, you will not have the above options and the install will be clean.

In both cases, you can copy the character files on your local computer to the flash drive. All characters are selected by default, so if you don't want to copy some of them, you will have to click on their names to un-select them.

If you don't wish to copy any character files, uncheck the relevant checkbox and the list will become disabled.

Step 2: Select a target destination

Click the Select button and choose a folder where Furcadia will be installed. If it does not exist yet - make it. All the Furcadia-related files and folders will be installed to the folder you choose.

Step 3: Install

Click the Install button and wait for the installation process to complete.

Running Furcadia from the flash drive

In order to run Furcadia from the flash drive, just enter the same folder you installed it in and run the Furcadia.exe file. It may prompt you to run auto-configuration or create a new character if none were installed - that is normal.

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